How to unlock iphone officially via itunes

Unlock iphone via itunes is our solution so no more jailbreak or softwares to damage your precious iphone.

An iphone with contract from the original carrier is limited to work only with one sim card .With that been said you are restricted to use strictly the services of this provider.Due to the fact the iphone it’s locked if you try to insert a sim from another carrier  a message like “Invalid sim card” or “Sim Not Valid” will be displayed.

The iphone is useless and extremely expensive to use if you are overseas calling your own area ,the roaming expenditures are higher now these days and you could use a local prepaid sim to help you save money if your iphone was unlocked .

Third application software to Jaibreak and unlock iphone

Hopefully there are a lot of ways to unlock your phone 2G 3G 3GS 4G 4S 5 5C and 5S with jailbreaking by setting up Cydia then unlocking with some third party applications like

  • JailbreakMePwnageTool
  • RedSn0w
  • BlackRa1n
  • Limera1n
  • PurpleSn0w
  • Greenpois0n and so on …

These type of softwares to unlock iphone can efficiently do the job if accomplished properly and does not void the guarantee and with a straightforward restore through itunes the iphone can be relocked.

These softwares to unlock iphone are not a permanent solution and once you update the iphone with a newer iphone iOS version the phone will be relocked again to it’s original provider.

Relying also of which iOS iphone version you have  if you own the latest version it will be doable to just Jailbrak and wait for a new third software to update their application in order to unlock iphone .
Cydia application can let you set up several good iphone’s applications like Installous which permit you to download many applications directly to your cellphone,games,utilities,wallpapers,themes …etc .

The bad news these softwares can also damage your iphone if you don’t know how to employ them.

How to unlock iphone 2G ,3G, 3GS ,4G and 4S permanently and officially from Apple

The best and unique permanent way to unlock iphone 2G ,3G, 3GS ,4G, 4S  and 5 is by IMEI codes from Apple . The IMEI stands for Worldwide Cell Gear Identification ,to find your iphone IMEI  dial *#06# and a serial number will show up on your phone’s screen .That’s all what’s required to have a factory unlocked iphone .

You dont’ need any of the following steps :

  • No cables
  • No need  to be a savyy geek
  • No need to dismount your phone or solder it
  • No need to go through complex softwares and processes

The only trustable official and safe iphone unlock is from Apple’s IMEI database  and it’s a permanent and definitive  unlock.

You can update to the most current iphone iOS versions with no concern to see your iphone relocked again ,once you receive our email confirmation just hook up your apple iphone to itunes via usb cable ,an update will be avalaible from your carrier ,obtain it and set it up , a message then from itunes will inform you ” Congratulations ,your iphone has been unlocked .”  to use with any sim card  and carrier worlwide !

How to unlock iphone

unlock iphone

Get your original  Apple factory unlock iphone code now and use any provider of your choice !!!

Unlock iphone  2G ,3G ,3GS,4G,4S  and 5 AT&T will takes 12-36 hours to get the Apple factory code,our service is available 24 hours .
You just need then to connect and Activate the iphone with iTUNES with a not accepted sim card of another carrier.
Important note before submitting your order :
If you are unsure about the correct original carrier of your iphone then use our iphone network check tool to get the full details.

The time required to unlock iphone officially depends of the initial iphone’s carrier , for example to unlock iphone At&t takes 12-36 hours  to get a confirmation Email from us of your order saying “Congratulations ! Your iphone is unlocked”.

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Official iPhone Unlock Via iTunes